Manı del Sud bow tıes – melancholy memorıes of Basılıcata

Raffaele Stella Brienza, founder and designer of the brand, has its roots and brings its essence back into collections, diversified into a wide range of men’s accessories. The versatility of the bow tie, heart and soul of Mani del Sud, combines with the authentic style of hats and scarves.

The symbolize Raffaele Stella Brienza’s love for fashion and art, playing a central role within the brand and its creative vision. Made of precious fabrics and meticulously hand-sewn, the bow ties are characterized by metallic filigree customizable in shapes and color ranges. Through the ability to customize and mix multiple styles and colors, we give the opportunity to create unique pieces to collect.

Mani del Sud offers a wide range of accessories created according to the highest standards of quality and know-how of the Italian tradition. Pure silk, natural cotton and precious decorations are the materials with which the skilled hands of Italian artisans give life to Mani del Sud creations.

The uniqueness of the brand is represented by the combination of high quality and creativity, diversified into a wide range of accessories for men and women.