Minimalist, stylish and practical, modern jewelry is always in high demand. One of the changing rules in the world of fashion and jewelry in recent years is the combination of elegance and practicality. One of the successful representatives of this trend, KURSHUNI, has a huge number of fans not only in Türkiye, but also abroad.
KURSHUNI was founded in Istanbul in 2002 by architect Elif Esra Kurşunlu and engineer Lokman Kurşunlu, and the name “KURSHUNI” comes from their family nickname. With a passion for creativity, they also design their own jewelry. The brand, which has long specialized in 925 Sterling Silver, will introduce its new gold collection to customers at shows in Istanbul, Miami, and New York in October.

KURSHUNI uses 24K pure gold and 21K Rose Gold in its silver jewelry, achieving the highest purity in the industry. Elegant, timeless, and always on-trend, this jewelry brand primarily uses cubic zirconia and natural stones in its jewelry. The jewelry is also decorated with enamel.

“We design and produce our own original pieces to achieve our dream of becoming a global brand in Istanbul. We are dedicated to working hard because we are in love with our craft, we are willing to go the extra mile, and we don’t compromise on quality. We are honest and respectful of all our business partners. Our main design criteria are originality, timelessness, simplicity,
use of recognizable icons, and affordability. We appeal to all women who are modern, urban, fashion-forward, self-expressive, accessorizing and appreciating beauty.”- Elif Esra Kurşunlu

KURSHUNI jewelry made its debut in Europe in 2010, taking the first steps towards becoming a global brand with regular participation in the most prestigious European exhibitions in the jewelry industry. Thanks to its modern design, unique and high-quality products, affordable prices, during and after-sales service, the brand has managed to enhance its export volume and sharpen its image in Europe. KURSHUNI meets its customers at KURSHUNI stores in nearly 600 points of sale in Europe, Asia, North America and Oceania, including Paris, Rome, Milan, Athens, Bucharest, Munich, Frankfurt, Vienna and Toronto. Their two stores in Istanbul are located on Bagdat Street and in the Emaar Shopping Center.

Designers of the brand are inspired by the imagery of human history. Evil eye beads, pomegranate as a symbol of abundance, four-leaf clovers for luck, and the North Star as the guiding light and heart to signify love have been transformed into hundreds of rings, bracelets, necklaces, earrings, hand bracelets, and bangles to create the KURSHUNI collection. All jewelry is made in
the company’s production base in Istanbul, where a thousand years of cultural heritage are preserved, combining exquisite craftsmanship with impeccable technique and cutting-edge technology. One of the jewelry brand’s most popular collections, “Linked and Locked,” for instance, is a modern art piece featuring a lock and key design.

“The symbol of the lock in the “Linked and Locked” collection is all about the fantasy of putting our hopes on a fairytale bridge that connects our dreams to our reality. It symbolizes that we hold on to our dreams and stay connected to them. We always dream and believe that our dreams will eventually come true.”

Today, like the first day, the tiny glass evil eye beads called KURSHUNI NAZARI are individually handcrafted and are a special KURSHUNI brand mark. Esra Kurşunlu describes the brand’s future strategy in one sentence: “We will continue to work hard to reach new frontiers where KURSHUNI is not in the picture.” Those who would like to learn more about the brand can visit KURSHUNI’s stand in Hall 4-4U120 at the Istanbul Jewelry Show, which will take place on October 5-8.