Grammy Award-winning artist Kendrick Lamar and Tiffany & Co. came together in an artistic partnership to create a custom crown of thorns. With 50 thorns of varying shapes and over 8,000 diamonds in a unique cobblestone pattern set to maximize brilliance, the design is a masterpiece that could only be designed by Kendrick Lamar and Dave Free for pgLang with Tiffany & Co.

Kendrick Lamar and Dave Free approached Tiffany & Co. with a specific creative vision for the crown and worked directly with the House’s designers and craftspeople to realize it. The design draws inspiration from Jean Schlumberger’s iconic Thorns brooch. The archival brooch—which features a 47-carat sapphire—is on display at the House’s “Vision & Virtuosity” exhibition in London this summer.

Handcrafted by four artisans over a span of 10 months, and a total of 1,300 hours setting the thousands of diamonds, these expert craftspeople brought the design to life from 16 individual pieces that were assembled to form the final design.

The custom-designed crown features over 8,000 diamonds totaling over 137 carats and was crafted from high-polished titanium. Each diamond on the crown was set by hand and the prongs were also handcrafted. After nearly a year of planning, designing and handcrafting the crown, it is finally ready for its Tiffany Blue Box.