Jacquemus “LE RAPHIA” SS23 Gıves New Meanıng to Natural Beauty

Held outside of Paris in the Le Bourget commune, the French brand’s latest collection feels like a discussion between its array of past shows. Even in its newness, the quintessential elements of Jacquemus’ design stand tall through natural-colored pieces, tailored-focused silhouettes and expanded ready-to-wear designs. For this collection’s element of natural beauty, the Salon-de-Provence-born designer looks at the Raffia palm, which is native to tropical African regions.

The dried wheat and sand-colored fibers come to life through movement-laden detailing across tops, suiting and skirts. Fusing the brand’s signature contemporary silhouettes with textured natural fibers adds a layer to how RTW garments can be both provocative and unequivocally calm. The usage of Raffia palm does not end there as bags and oversized hats come out to play as well.

Beyond Raffia, collection garments also include loose tops, relaxed denim with paneled detailing, sculptural skirts, elongated skirts with trains, printed multicolored pieces and colorful geometric undergarments. By staying true to his roots, Jacquemus once again illustrates the harmony of timeless natural beauty and contemporary zeal.