The jewels never too many. Especially when it comes to minimalistic pendants, earrings and bracelets like J-Point. Models from the brand’s collections easily combined with each other – you can add a few more to your favorite pendant.

The hoop earrings with stars, diamond beads or links of the J-Point collections offer a range of options. Large hoop earrings can always be carried with you in case you have plans in the evening – such jewelry doesn’t require any additions.

Diamond pavé earrings, rings and chain bracelets are the perfect match for a suit or evening dress. These models available in white, yellow and rose gold.

Look for gifts for your lover in the Hearts collection – bracelets and rings with quartz hearts in candy shades can be combined or worn separately. Such pendants will be a win option for an evening dress with an open shoulder line.

Lovers of symbolism are also advised to pay attention to pendants and rings with a turquoise butterfly – a butterfly is a symbol of prosperity and beauty, and such a piece of jewelry can become a valuable talisman for your lover.