Istanbul Jewelry Show ıs ımplementıng a serıes of practıces for exhıbıtors and vısıtors to support sustaınable development

Informa Markets, the world’s largest fair organizer, continues to take sustainable development steps to inspire the jewelry industry at the Istanbul Jewelry Show (IJS). One of the important steps that has been taken are “Better Stands program”. According to the data that has been asserted by Informa Markets,, a medium-sized disposable exhibition stand produces approximately four tons of waste. This figure is almost 10 times the average annual household waste of a person. Informa Markets aims to encourage all exhibitors and contractors at the Istanbul Jewelry Show not to build disposable booths with the Better Stands program, which has been implemented for all its exhibitions worldwide. Based on Better Stands program, all booths are divided into four categories based on specific components that are reused or recycled: Disposable, Bronze, Silver and Gold. Different criteria, from lighting to flooring, furniture to decoration, building materials to signage, are evaluated according to a scoring system. At the Istanbul Jewelry Show (IJS), which will be held on April 17-20, 2024 sponsored by Elmas Kule, stands of 24 square meters or less are required to be environmentally friendly. The application aims to ensure that all booths in the fair area are reusable.

Istanbul Jewelry Show (IJS) sponsored by Elmas Kule, which is preparing to open its doors for the 55th time by Informa Markets, offers exhibitors and visitors suggestions to guide them on sustainability in addition to the Better Stands program in order to realize an environmentally and socially responsible fair. Istanbul Jewelry Show (IJS) offers a series of incentives and awareness-raising suggestions to exhibitors, such as the use of local suppliers, the selection criteria of the hotel to be used for accommodation, the preference of public transportation, the use of LED lighting equipment in the booth, the use of digital platforms instead of paper brochures, reducing the amount of waste in the booth as much as possible during the fair and recycling the inevitable waste, the amount of equipment and materials to be purchased for the booth, their environmental characteristics and long-term usefulness, and the recycling of badges.

Istanbul Jewelry Show also offers suggestions for professionals who will visit the fair to enable a more sustainable visit. In this context; it is aimed to make visitors more sustainable with practices such as taking only the materials and brochures they need and will actually use, turning to digital platforms as much as possible, being informed about the sustainability approaches of the exhibitors in their products and services, sorting their garbage during the fair and throwing it in the appropriate recycling bins, using public transportation to and from the fair, and choosing eco-certified hotels close to the fairground to reduce their carbon footprint.

More than 1,500 companies and brands will take part in Istanbul Jewelry Show (IJS) sponsored by Elmas Kule, the first and only international jewelry B2B meeting of Türkiye, the world’s 3rd largest producer of gold jewelry. More than 33,500 visitors from more than 140 countries are expected to come to the fair, where product groups such as gold, jewelry, diamonds, colored stones, precious and semi-precious stones, pearls, silver, silver jewelry and silver household goods, gold montage, refinery, watch, mold, showcase decoration, machinery-equipment and sub-industry, safe, software, logistics and lighting will be exhibited together.

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