ılıas LALAoUNIS’ Easter egg pendants are year-round treasures

The simple form of an egg is the perfect shape for a jewel and one that the Greek jewellery house Lalaounis has been using for over five decades for its special Easter pendants and charms.  After so many years, the Lalaounis house, has perfected the egg jewel and has a wide range of options that vary from simple gold forms to vibrant hard stone, gold and gemstone combinations. These charming little jewels have a faithful legion of collectors who each year add a new version to their necklace or bracelets or simply wear them on a chain as an everyday pendant.

The egg has long been associated with Greece and in particular during the Orthodox Christian Easter. As a symbol of rebirth, it comes into its own during these Spring celebrations so beloved in every Greek town and village where the churches are decorated with flowers and colourful holy processions take place.  As well as the gold egg jewels, each year the  house of Lalaounis creates gold-plated bronze decorations (below) in the form of eggs to add to the ‘lambada’ candles given by godparents to their godchildren to light at mass on the Saturday before Easter Sunday. Beyond the Easter celebrations, these can also be worn as pendants. 

Two new eggs are presented this year featuring the coral branch motif. One is a flat egg-shape gold disc (above) with a cut-out of a coral. The other is luminous red carnelian egg decorated with a coral shape in gold.  They sit alongside eggs from previous years with crosses, butterflies or flowers as well designs that replicate motifs and heritage gold-working techniques that the house is well-known for. These include the beautifully minimalist new hammered gold egg (below), a skill that the house is famous for as well as eggs in gold openwork incorporating the Nubia or Hercules Knot designs.

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