How the modern generatıon dresses: the Dolce & Gabbana Men collection FW21 / 22

The presentation of the new men’s line took place online.

The online presentation format plays into the hands of many brands: now designers are free artists who can show their collections whenever and how they want. Dolce & Gabbana also got out of the Men’s Fashion Week – the creative duo presented a new men’s fall-winter 2021/22 collection, inspired by the modern generation, technology and social media.

Taking the images of modern e-boys and e-girls as a basis, designers discuss the connection between our life and digital, as well as how the real and virtual worlds influence each other. Dolce and Gabbana admire the style of the modern generation, their freedom and openness to experiment. The collection itself also turned out to be quite experimental: there was a place for hypervolumes, and oversized, and a classic men’s suit made of dense fabric, shiny gold trousers and shorts.

The designers managed to demonstrate the skills acquired over many years in the industry, so the fact that they follow the trends and set them themselves, focusing on modern realities.

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