Hermès showed new versıons of Nantucket watches

The history of this model dates back to 1991.

In 1991 Hermès designer Henri d’Origny is designed the new watch series: Nantucket. It featured a rectangle-in-rectangle case, which was innovative at that time.  This unusual shape was inspired by the links of the chaîne d’ancre chain, a classic Hermès motif created back in 1938 by Robert Dumas. In the new version of the watch, the designers have rethought the shape of the links, made them lighter and more flexible and combined them into bracelets made of steel or rose gold.

The case is also made of steel and gold, it is available in two versions – a minimalistic metal or lavishly studded with diamonds. In the gold version, gems will surround the mother-of-pearl dial, and in the steel version, they will scatter carelessly across the case and dial. Both models are equipped with a quartz movement and a reliable sapphire crystal, which will protect against scratches and damage.

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