Hermès – lıke a star ın the mıdnıght

Necklaces hugging the neck, a spider web of diamonds, soft, wrap-around, jewelry forms – the new collection of jewelry, according to Hermès creative director Pierre Hardy, seems to merge with the skin. The jeweler carefully selected the gems to match the lip, eye and skin tones as closely as possible.

As a result, Hardy settled on diamonds and cabochons – tourmaline, smoky quartz, greenish-yellow prenite and cream moonstones. The new high jewelery collection was named poetically – Lignes Sensibles. It includes rings, necklaces, earrings, brooches and bracelets made of rose and white gold. Each product impresses with its geometry and the finest workmanship.

Only Pierre Hardy could come up with and implement the idea of ​​a precious collar of 867 brilliant-cut diamonds, sparkling like a spider web in the sun. The sautoir inlaid with sapphires of rare beauty looks no less impressive. 356 green-blue, purple, yellow-orange and pastel pink gems were used in the piece. Each product not only decorates, but becomes an extension of the body, tightly fitting and emphasizing all its curves. Pierre Hardy wanted to create jewelry that would listen to its owner. He managed to embody the idea of ​​caring with precious metals, stones and high jewelry craftsmanship.

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