Graff’s “I Wısh” Campaıgn: A Symphony of Elegance and Sparkle for the Holıday Season

Graff brings forth an explosion of elegance and scintillating brilliance in its 2023 festive campaign, eloquently titled “I Wish.” The pinnacle of luxury jewelry finds a dazzling muse in top Dutch model Rianne van Rompaey, who charmingly returns after previously adorning their Butterfly collection.

Meticulously curated visuals by the legendary photographer Mikael Jansson, styled by the renowned Emmanuelle Alt, bring the campaign to life. Framed against the opulent canvas of Villa La Vigie on the enchanting Cote d’Azur, each image becomes a theatrical display of splendid jewelry, adorned with breathtaking diamonds, enchanting emeralds, radiant rubies, and a dazzling ballet of yellow and white diamonds.

Rianne, the embodiment of holiday elegance, gracefully adorns the sumptuous pieces, blending seamlessly with a wardrobe of festive magnificence—think delicately ruffled dresses, impeccably tailored blazers, and a galaxy of glittering sequins. Complementing this visual elegance is her minimalist chic aesthetic featuring subtle red nails and a stylish side-part hairstyle.

Francois Graff, CEO of Graff, celebrates the campaign as a vibrant “symphony of luxurious color, captivating luminosity, and joyous celebration.” The campaign unveils a world where each curated piece, marked by extraordinary artistry, stands as a testament to the brand’s enchanting jewelry tales.

Guided by a spirit of enduring legacy, Graff invites admirers to envision these majestic jewels as timeless treasures and future heirlooms, weaving tales of elegance across generations. The campaign celebrates the eternal beauty of these pieces, cherishing them as symbols of stories and wishes destined to unfold over time.