GODIVA and Le Vian, have expanded their partnership with the launch of the new GODIVA x Le Vian collection

This GODIVA inspired collection marks the first time Le Vian has masterfully embraced the technique of hand lacquering with enamel in combination with Chocolate Diamonds. The exciting collaboration between Le Vian – the historic trendsetting, celebrity favorite jewelry house best known for its beloved Chocolate Diamonds – and world-renowned and beloved premium chocolatier GODIVA, is now available at KAY stores across the United States and on just in time for the Holidays 2022.  “We are thrilled that the GODIVA x Le Vian collaboration has been embraced so fully, with demand for the GODIVA inspired jewelry driving yet another new collection,” said GODIVA Global CEO, Nurtac Afridi. “GODIVA is always looking for new ways to bring wonder and happiness to more people around the world,  and this partnership with Le Vian has enabled us to just that.”

Le Vian CEO Eddie Le Vian says: “Chocolate taps into the primal part of our brain, those hidden feelings that drive our deepest emotions. The world of chocolate is about the wonder and magic of chocolate and it inspires otherworldly, decadent sentiments and instincts.“

By leaning into innate emotion and highlighting the difficult feat of hand lacquering enamel, and juxtaposing it with rich Chocolate Diamonds and intricate design, Le Vian continues to shine as an innovator at the top of the luxury fine jewelry industry. 

Eddie LeVian says: ‘The new GODIVA x Le Vian collection evokes the delight of devouring that first bite into a piece of GODIVA artisanal chocolate. The jewelry encapsulates the surprise and journey each segment of a GODIVA chocolate brings with our chocolate enamel and Chocolate Diamonds structure. Every luscious texture is individually beautiful and combines in a wonderful, harmonious sensory experience. The signature chain of a GODIVA x Le Vian necklace smoothly drapes like molten chocolate, delicately touching the soft central pendant, encased within a rich Chocolate Diamond exterior.’ 

The collection also includes the iconic GODIVA Chocolate Ganache Heart as an inspiration for expressing love. This piece evokes that rush of feelings when you bite into the chocolate while connecting to Le Vian’s 2023 Trend Forecast. By combining hand-lacquered enamel with their beloved Chocolate Diamonds, Le Vian encapsulates the trends of Euphoria and Spontaneity. 

This campaign was shot at the GODIVA studios in collaboration with Le Vian’s studio team. Le Vian is proud to have collaborated with GODIVA’s creative team  to recreate a delicious chocolate cake, topped with molten dripping chocolate and topped with a GODIVA chocolate ganache to appear alongside the new collections inspired by it. The chocolate cake itself is shown side by side and resembles the new GODIVA x Le Vian jewelry box inspired by the black and gold GODIVA truffles box. Its luxurious ribbons evoke the feeling of unwrapping a delectable Chocolate Diamond Delight jewel for the first time and forever.


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