Gemfıelds ıntroduces an extraordınary paır of Mozambıcan rubıes

Gemfields is delighted to announce that an exceptional pair of Mozambican rubies will be offered for sale at its ruby auction this June.

Weighing in at 61.50 carats in the rough, 32.50 and 29 carats respectively, these are extraordinary gemstones. Highest-quality cut rubies of over 5 carats are extremely rare, and it is anticipated that each of these gemstones will remain over 10 carats even once cut and polished. As well as their remarkable size, the pair is notable for having an exceptionally vivid red hue and remarkable crystalline lustre.

The first of these gems was recovered in November 2021 and the second followed in February 2022, both from Montepuez Ruby Mining’s Mugloto mining pit. Some of the world’s most exceptional rubies have been found in Mugloto, a secondary deposit in which rubies have been concentrated by alluvial flows along ancient paleo-channels. Since 2014, Gemfields has had the honour of bringing to auction several unusually large and exceptional rubies from Mugloto, including the ‘Eyes of the Dragon’ and the ‘Rhino Ruby’. Mugloto rubies were formed some 500 million years ago and only the highest quality gems survived the arduous journey along ancient riverbeds to Mugloto.

This latest pair of rubies will form part of Gemfields’ June 2022 ruby auction, which is being hosted in Bangkok, Thailand. A portion of the proceeds arising from their sale will be donated to the Quirimbas National Park in Mozambique, a long-standing Gemfields conservation partner.