GBGH Jewelry – The creatıons remaın tımeless

GBGH stands for “Go Big or Go Home”, a motto that guides Brazilian-born creative Jacqueline Barbosa’s designs, and also her view towards life. Jackie’s nomadic lifestyle inspires her intricate jewelry, each of which is designed in far flung locations around the world.

Her proprietary artistic process has been developed over years of experimentation, combining ancient craftsmanship and cutting-edge technology. Upon completing her Masters in Jewelry Design at Central Saint Martins in 2019, she launched Jacqueline Barbosa Jewels, a fine jewelry line that encapsulates her elevated approach to beauty and freedom. Because of her commitment to the environment, Jackie designs pieces instead of collections, all designed from different corners of the world and responsibly made in NYC by local jewelers with ethically sourced materials such as 18 karat recycled gold and diamonds, she doesn’t follow fashion calendars, and she doesn’t overstock; For that reason, her creations remain timeless.