Gannı and fıne jewelry brand Mejurı have collaborated on a capsule collectıon

Intended to be shared among friends to celebrate their relationship, the limited-edition jewels feature four-leaf clovers—tokens of luck, love, and connection. Ganni uses the motif on its handbags and some ready-to-wear items, and Mejuri added its polished touch for this collab.

“Ganni is all about love, optimism, and authentic friendships,” said Ganni’s creative director, Ditte Reffstrup, in a statement. “Our clover symbol was designed to spread a little luck, positivity, and optimism. And we were drawn to the idea of the clover as a lucky charm and a pendant of friendship. I love the playfulness of combining silver and gold, and respect Mejuri greatly for their work with recycled materials. I can’t wait to share these pieces with our community.”

The collection, which was in development for nearly two years, is composed of four pieces, all with clovers on them: hoop earrings, a ring, a charm bracelet, and a pendant necklace. The necklace and bracelet have paper-clip links, and the clovers are detachable from the earrings if somebody wishes to wear plain hoops.