Floral Jungle: fIve LImIted edıtıon rıngs wıth contemporary desıgn

The Italian jewellery Maison has introduced five limited edition Floral Jungle rings to its extensive collection. Each of the five rings is a tribute to one of Earth’s most fascinating natural locations. The limited edition collection has been inspired by Giovanni Raspini’s latest exhibition: Around the World in 80 Jewels.

Each named after a geographical location, the rings are: Amazonia Rainbow, Pacific Blue Reef, Bali Lushing Forest, Japan Cherry Blossom and African Blooming Protea. Only 200 of each design have been created in the limited edition range.

Amazonia Rainbow is dedicated to the biodiversity of the Amazon rainforest, exploring colour and sculptural modelling where flora and fauna come together.

Depicting lush plants and a sleek cheetah, the ring is mounted on a cast and burnished silver base.

Seven coloured gems have been set in the ring: two rose-hued siamite stones, three quartz and mother-of-pearl doublets and two crystals direct focus to a large faceted-cut rock crystal with an iridescent rainbow glow.

The Pacific Blue Reef ring evokes the depths and brightness of the sea with a symphony of colours. The burnished silver cast component replicates the typical madrepores, corals, anemones and shells of an ocean reef.

10 gems have been gently placed amongst the reef features, as if swayed by the sea stream. A large drop-shaped blue quartz, two rosy natural pearls and one white natural pearl, three quartz and mother-of-pearl doublets and two pale blue siamite stones adorn the Pacific Blue Reef ring.

Inspired by the green rainforests of South-East Asia, the Bali Lushing Forest ring showcases rounded, droplet-like burnished silver features to echo water and tropical rain in the arrangement of nine cabochon stones. Two Ethiopian opals (radiating yellow, green and orange), three tourmaline quartz and green agate doublets, and four quartz and green mother-of-pearl doublets add nuance to the ring to represent a lush forest drenched in monsoon rain.

Two different silver finishes feature in the Japan Cherry Blossom ring, which is partly burnished, and partly gilded in rose gold.

13 gemstones in a colour palette reminiscent of the traditional cherry blossom are embedded in the ring: two pink natural pearls, five siamite stones in shades of pink, three black onyxes, and two quartz and pink mother-of-pearl doublets, with a large cavette-cut corundum at the centre.

The African Blooming Protea ring aims to transport its wearer to southern Africa and has been inspired by the plant which is celebrated for its striking coloured inflorescence. The ring’s outer corolla is made of burnished silver and the inner one is gilded silver, set with nine pink natural pearls. An “antique-cut” cabochon rock crystal and labradorite doublet featuring an iridescent effect create a striking centerpiece.