Fashıon Occult: Rhoebermat

The founder of the Rhoebermat jewelry brand Niko grew up in Kyrgyzstan and from an early age, thanks to his mother and grandmother, was immersed in the world of local customs and rituals.

This is how the idea of ​​the debut collection of Rhoebermat was born, which Niko himself rightfully considers being an artistic expression on the theme of “diversity in Russian”: instead of filming dark-skinned girls in lookbooks just because a new ethic requires it, he turns to the culture of small peoples of Russia.

Jewels reminiscent of ritual artifacts, really seem to be covered with magic. The Rhoebermat debut collection is based on the tradition of amulets in the form of animal parts: “Each piece of jewelry carries the energy of totem animals, transformed into an object and has its own character.

So, minerals, parts of lynx skeletons, golden eagle, and bear claws are exact copies of real objects, cast from precious metals. They have the same meanings and magical properties as the original occult objects used in pagan rituals,” said Niko.

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