F Hınds usıng AI to reımagıne engagement rıngs

Family owned and run jeweller, F Hinds has utilised AI technology to create a selection of wedding rings inspired by romantic locations around the world.

Created in preparation for Valentine’s Day, when couples all over the world may be preparing to pop the question, F Hinds has turned to AI technology to create a range of engagement rings which capture the magic and romance of key locations.

Using information sourced from the internet, AI technology creates images and designs which capture the essence of a person, place or thing based on ‘learned’ data. The trend for AI art and designs has increased drastically in the past 12 months. F Hinds have programmed AI technology to create designs inspired by global destinations.

The Paris engagement ring aims to capture the romance and excitement of the ‘city of love’. One of the top choices for romantics proposals and getaways, its restaurants and architecture provide the perfect backdrop for an engagement.

According to the AI technology utilised by F Hinds, the Paris engagement ring would feature a gold flower design with twinkling diamonds – much like the Eiffel Tower sparkling at night.

The Iceland engagement ring captures the picture-perfect settings and naturally occurring hot springs of the glacial landscape. Inspired by the Northern Lights, which can predominantly be viewed in Iceland throughout Winter, the Iceland ring features a large emerald gemstone with green and gold detailing on either side.

The ‘floating city’ is a popular proposal and honeymoon destination which is reimagined in the Venice engagement ring. According to AI, the Venice ring would feature a cluster of light blue Aquamarine gemstones on a thin, gold band – signifying the Italian city’s canals.

The gorgeous skyline, picturesque views, beautiful parks and romantic restaurants of New York city are encapsulated in a ring with a large yellow diamond – easily compared to the bright lights of the bustling city.

A gold band with textured metal exemplifies the industrial aspect of New York.