Estaa Jewelry unveıls a stunnıng collectıon ınspıred by celestıal beautıes

The line is crafted using the parameters of ancient Vedic astrology. They say, we are all star dust, born with the five elements of present in the Universe – agni (fire), vayu (wind), dharti (earth), jal (water) and aakash (space).

The Vedanga Jyotisha, an ancient Vedic text on astronomy and astrology, is the study of light and nine heavenly bodies that operate on humans through the principal of bandhu, which in Sanskrit means ‘connections that link the outer and inner: As above, so below.’

The Akasa Pearl Moon Burst earrings, underscore the enigmatic energy of the moon through the use of lustrous South Sea pearls and diamonds. In Vedic astrology, it is believed that the moon governs emotions and intuition. Wearing pearls with the right intention ignites compassion and honours the rhythm of existence. The pearl earrings empower you to trust your instincts, honour your emotions, and embrace the transformative power of the lunar realm and radiate your inner light.

In Vedic astrology, coral is intimately linked with the fiery planet Mars which symbolises passion, determination, and the pursuit of goals. Crafted in 18-karat yellow fire gold, these earrings designed with coral and natural diamonds, are a reminder to embrace your unique journey, explore uncharted territories, and radiate the strength that lies within your being.

Turquoise, the stone of the sky, holds a treasured place in the hearts of diverse cultures throughout history. Believed to bring luck, peace, and protection, it evokes the essence of tranquillity. In Vedic astrology, turquoise is associated with the benevolent planet Jupiter, the cosmic guardian of wisdom and abundance. Allow this sky stone to guide you towards serenity by donning these earrings crafted in 18-karat white gold and set with turquoise and natural diamonds.

The Sun earrings, adorned with the brilliance of fiery red rubies, encapsulate the essence of Surya, the sun god’s radiance. The vibrant red hues of these gemstones mirror its energy, empowering you to embrace your inner fire to help you realise your true power. The earrings are articulated with 18-karat gold and set with rubies and natural diamonds.