Dıotıma & Co brıng the Eonıa desıgner gem to market

The gemstone boasts a specially engineered core of ultra-white moissanite with a Chemical Vapour Deposition (CVD) diamond mantle, an alternative to laboratory grown diamond.

Diotima co-founder Jason Foreman, the conceptual author of the Eonia, has been developing and refining the unique gemstone for the past seven years.

A prototype was unveiled in 2019 at IJL and now the Eonia is ready to be shared with the public after years of research.

Jason Foreman said: “It’s been a long time in R&D, but it was worth it, and we are deeply proud that the perfected version is finally here and at the ready. The Eonia combines the sparkle, brilliance, and toughness of moissanite, with the hardness, lustre, and light balance of diamond.”

Diotima & Co launched their website in mid-June and are accepting orders. The Eonia is available in all but a few of their exclusive designs and is perfect for extravagant, bold pieces, particularly those featuring large stones over 2 cts.

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