De Beers’ New Survey Reveals Latest Weddıng Dreams of Hong Kong Brıde Wannabes

At a time when many aspects of life have been reshaped by the aftermath of COVID-19, women in Hong Kong are also reconsidering their wishes and priorities for the biggest day of their lives. However, despite new ideas about how to plan and structure their weddings, they continue to consider a true “proposal” to be paramount, including a sparkling diamond engagement ring, according to the latest online pre-bridal survey conducted by Nielsen.

With close to 900 female respondents, the survey reveals the latest engagement and wedding expectations among younger generations in Hong Kong. The findings show that given the social distancing measures in place, weddings have been scaled down in size to become more intimate events. More than half (55%) of the women surveyed prefer a simple and casual wedding, up 24% from the pre-pandemic period. This is followed by a “witness to witness” wedding (27%) and a travel wedding (25%). Fairytale weddings (14%) and traditional Chinese-style weddings (10%) have become far less popular choices.

While the form of a dream wedding may have changed, almost all (88%) respondents agree that staging a proposal is of critical importance to them, and here again, the concept of intimacy is highlighted. Three in four respondents would like the proposal to take place privately, and over half (53%) enjoy a moment of “just the two of us.” A grand showcase in an open environment is no longer the way to win the heart.

The survey indicates that the vast majority (81%) of respondents see engagement rings as the most important detail of all, a statistic that remains unchanged from the pre-pandemic level. This ritual is followed in importance by pre-wedding photos (70%) and wedding dresses (54%). On the other hand, pre-wedding bridal showers, wedding banquets and honeymoons have become less important.

When it comes to the selection of the engagement ring, nearly all (94%) women express a strong desire to be involved in handpicking the right ring. Top considerations when selecting the engagement ring include the conventional 4Cs (colour, clarity, carat and cut) (75%), and natural diamonds are preferred by most respondents (62%). Nearly half of modern brides-to-be (47%) are also thinking about the origin or certificate of their diamonds, wishing to be confident that their precious diamonds come from ethical sources. As we have seen across different surveys globally, it is the youngest respondents (18-24) leading the charge in prioritizing the origin of their diamonds.