Damıanı shows jewels wıth rare precıous stones ın Russıa

The craftsmen of the House of Damiani brought to Russia high-quality jewels adorned with precious stones. The temporary High Jewelry Damiani exhibition will run until February 2022 and will be on display most of the time at Damiani Boutique in the Bosco di Ciliegi Gallery at the Marriott Krasnaya Polyana Sochi Hotel.

It is worth going to Sochi at least to see with your own eyes transformer earrings with solar Fancy Yellow diamonds in a radiant cut. Each yellow diamond weighing more than eight carats is framed with classic colorless diamonds that accentuate the rich color of the center stone. Also of special note are the classic-style ring with a rich green Colombian emerald weighing almost 4.5 carats and a ring with an oval-cut Ceylon sapphire weighing 5.85 carats. In total, the exposition includes 12 unique jewels.