“Conversatıon Pıeces” ın Black

A love story between colourful stones and intricate settings, Sheila Westera’s ever changing inspiration brings us to her newest collection; conversation pieces in black.

Sheila Westera, prior to this collection, has always incorporated a sense of glamour and elegance in her pieces, however, long before the brand was born, Sheila’s initial inspiration was in fact found along the shores of Lake Geneva. Stumbling upon lost objects, broken porcelain, iron, copper and fabric wire, Sheila decided it was her time to make a creative statement. Having worked in the diamond and fine jewellery industry for many years, she decided to start her journey in a whole new direction, further away from the golden glamour, a focus on dark metal.

The Sheila Westera London we know, doesn’t represent the founding inspiration, until now. In conversation pieces in black, elements of glamour are still evident, but within a more subdued setting, this embodies Sheila Westera’s concept that jewellery doesn’t have to be dripping in gold to be bold, powerful and unique.  The collection consists of exciting one-of-a-kind jewels and stones, ranging from an amazing lapis lazuli to a pebble found on the beach, from a Tahiti pearl to a raw rock crystal, from soft-to-the-touch design, to a more raw finish, the stones are embedded within an elaborately woven framework, handcrafted into truly exquisite cocktail rings. Yellow and rose gold have always given them that feminine and glamorous vibe, and with her new black pieces, Sheila clearly shows just how original and multi-faceted her take on jewelry truly is.

Made for those who know what they want, and who are not scared to show their bold and unique personality, Sheila Westera London launches her new collection: Conversation Pieces in black.