Celebrate World Chocolate Day wıth Le Vıan’s exquısıte Chocolate Dıamonds collectıon

Since 2000, Le Vian has trademarked Chocolate Diamonds®, symbolizing luxury akin to chocolate. Becoming red-carpet favorites among celebrities like Jennifer Lopez, Madonna, and Rihanna, Le Vian Chocolate Diamonds® are now recognized and coveted across globally.

Le Vian, a New York-based family-owned jewellery company with a 15th-century legacy, is adored by Hollywood stars. From its royal origins in 18th-century Persia to its modern status as a celebrity jewellery powerhouse, Le Vian is renowned for crafting exquisite natural fancy colour diamond jewels, including the exclusive Chocolate Diamonds®, captivating over 5 million collectors worldwide.

With over 5 million collectors globally, their trademark spans 100 countries on all five continents, ensuring responsibly sourced diamonds that meet strict color and clarity criteria. Only 4% of brown diamonds meet Le Vian’s stringent standards, including color strength, clarity (rated SI or better), and responsible sourcing.