Burger desıgned jewels wıll whet your appetıte

The Lebanese-Brazilian jewelry designer creates massive jewels in the form of the famous sandwiches of gold, sapphires and diamonds. At the same time, customers can purchase not only the classic hamburger, but also the vegan version encrusted with emeralds.

Nadine Ghosn founded the brand in 2016 and has gained the trust of not only young fashionistas, but also stars like Beyoncé.

The hallmark of the Nadine Ghosn brand is a fun approach to the familiar objects that surround us. In addition to precious burgers, the brand’s lineup includes graceful bracelets and pencil rings, as well as rings in the form of Lego blocks, as if from childhood, gold necklaces made of paper clips, cufflinks in the form of french fries, clothespins and headphones decorated with diamonds, edamame-shaped charms and sushi with salmon and protractor earrings.

Nadine Ghosn said: “My style of clothing is extremely minimalistic, but with accessories and jewelry I love to have fun. My advice is simple: compose monochrome bows and match them with anyone detail that will liven up the whole look.”