It all started when the first publicity photo of Hollywood star Margot Robbie in Barbie unexpectedly went viral on social media. In that one single photo, the gorgeous actress signaled the first signs of a new trend that would take over fashion. Shot on the set of Barbie, Margot started the “Barbie-core” trend, having no idea what kind of impact her 1950s-era fluffy hair, blue headband, and happy face in a pink T-shirt would have while posing in a pink Cadillac. Since then, Barbie has influenced almost every aspect of the toy world, from fashion to jewelry, the food industry, and technology.

Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling, who starred in “Barbie”, released in theaters on July 21, made appearances during the film’s promotional tour around the world. For all the events, Robbie wore pink clothes that fit the image of a modern Barbie created by stylist Andrew Mukamal, while Ryan as the “Ken” doll wore outfits in pastel colors, which successfully matched the concept of the film.

Oscar-winning costume designer Jacqueline Duran has re-created “Barbiecore” for those who long for the pink and colorful life of the Barbie movies. Barbie and Ken’s romantic reunion in 80s-style neon aerobics outfits and short spandex bodysuits, and Margot Robbie’s head-to-toe pink, Wild West-inspired look, have been the talk of the town since the first trailer for the movie dropped. Blue sky, clothing choices dominated by pastel tones as well as pink, Hawaiian patterned shirts, shiny and bouncy hair, Barbie’s seashell necklace, and Ken’s tanned skin and blond hair evoke the sunny beaches of California.

The “Barbiecore” trend quickly made its mark on fashion collections. Big brands like Blumarine, Valentino, and Versace were quick to adopt the trend. Donatella Versace presented her “La Vacanza” collection, designed in collaboration with Dua Lipa, at the Cannes fashion show. Inspired by the Versace Atelier fall winter 1992 and spring-summer 1995 collections, the collection was inspired by the supermodel era of the 1990s. Hot pink hues, butterfly and floral patterns, and shiny fabrics signaled that the “Barbiecore” trend would dominate the fashion world for years to come.

Inspired by this trend, we decided to shoot a ‘Barbiecore’ themed editorial for our 69th issue. Here are some of the most incredible shots from the pink-colored editorial shoot…