ALROSA and Antiglyanets have released a collectıon of dıamond jewelry for everyday

ALROSA Diamonds and “Antiglyanets”, the most popular Telegram channel about social life, have teamed up and invited 6 young talented Russian jewelers to design jewelry with natural ALROSA diamonds.

Diamonds.Daily collection is a reflection of individual style and a new interpretation of fine jewelry.

Channel admins also tried themselves in the role of designers. The Diamonds.Daily jewelry collection was created by the craftsmen of the @alrosadiamonds based on sketches: KOVA, HIMERE, CAVIARJEWELERY, JEMAE JEWELS BY MARIA EFIMOVA, JEWLIA, RHOEBERMAT.

24 democratic pieces, from mono earrings to tiaras, reflect the corporate identity of the creators and confirm the philosophy of the collection: jewelry with natural diamonds can be light, non-binding, every day, and even fun.