all about Le Vıan’s new Optımısm collectıon

These are Le Vian precious jewels that dazzle with sunshine, inspired by the celestial light in all its iterations. The newest Sunny Yellow Diamond jewels feature pods of cushion cut Sunny Yellow Diamonds® with dramatic natural color centerstone jewels, standing as testimony to sunny days ahead.  

Le Vian’s Bee Positive collection has become a best selling sensation for Le Vian in 2022. The hard working, dedicated and united teamwork of bees is the inspiration for Le Vian’s Bee Positive™ message. Each buzzing bee is set in rich Honey Gold™, reminding us of the prized gift of honey that bees cultivate with determination. Bees are known for being team players, building hives that depend on their hard work and unity of purpose. Bees also symbolize rebirth, being an essential part of our ecosystem with their pollination role. Le Vian salutes bees as a symbol of positivity and rebirth and highlights their selflessness and teamwork in a world where humans are ever more divided. Like the queen bee herself, the pieces, with their bright colors and intricate designs, combining Honey Gold™ and Chocolate Diamonds®, Nude Diamonds™, Blackberry Diamonds®, Sunny Yellow Diamonds®, Cinnamon Citrine® and even enamel work, stand out and demand attention for their buzzworthy designs. Artistically defined Le Vian bees have fast become popular, collectible talismans which reflect Le Vian’s commitment to embrace optimism, now and always.