A timeless creation of Dıor and Refık Anadol

L’Or de J’adore offers up this fresh concentration and its dynamic purity to leave behind a generous and sophisticated stamp. And just like the iconic scent it hails from, this is one with a striking allure to captivate all in its presence.

When formulating this scent, Kurkdjian met with renowned digital artist Refik Anadol to transform the fragrance through algorithms into a digital visual sculpture. Inspired by the beauty that can be born of data, Anadol transforms the world into data paintings via artificial intelligence.

Taking on the J’adore universe, he was inspired by Kurkdjian to map a new language to take up the challenge of embodying a fragrance and of making “the invisible visible.” Ultimately, he set out to shape the floral magic of J’adore into an image as sensorial, attractive and addictive as its olfactory signature.