A brıght, determınedly joyful cocktaıl rıng ıs statement jewelry at ıts best

An oversized, colorful cocktail ring is the quickest way to jazz up any party outfit. During 1920s America, women had only recently gained certain freedoms such as the right to vote, but during the Prohibition Era, they would not only frequent, but manage, speakeasies.

Drinking and serving illegal alcohol was one way to flaunt one’s wealth at the time; another was wearing colorful, oversized rings that never failed to make a dazzling statement and draw attention to a glass of (expensive) prohibited liquor. Since then, bold, solitary stones have been an essential part of elegant evening wear.

Usually featuring a colorful center gem, a bright, determinedly joyful cocktail ring is statement jewelry at its best, and these designers are bringing them into the Roaring Twenties — the 2020s, that is.