108 carat Pınk Dıamond Dıscovered ın Lesotho

A fancy intense pink rough diamond weighing 108.39 carats has been recovered in the Kingdom of Lesotho, at the Kao mine operated by Storm Mountain Diamonds. This rare Type IIa gemstone is one of the largest pink diamonds in history to have been recovered.

Unlike other fancy colors, the unique coloration of pink diamonds is caused by distortions in the crystal lattice resulting from intense heat and pressure during their formation. Fewer than 2% of natural diamonds fall into the highly pure Type IIa classification, contributing to this crystal’s exceptional rarity. 

The Kao Mine has steadily become one of the most important producers of large pink diamonds. Recent recoveries include: the 47.81ct Pink Eternity in 2022, the 25.97ct Pink Dawn and the 21.68ct Pink Palesa in 2021, as well as the 29.59ct Rose of Kao in 2018.