Supermodel Kate Moss created a jewelry collectıon wıth Messıka

Kate Moss and Valerie Messika somehow met by chance at one of the social events. Valerie couldn’t overlook but notice how much jewelry Kate was wearing. She began to question Moss and few minutes later found out that she was simply obsessed with jewelry. An hour later, they were already discussing the idea of ​​a joint collection of high jewelry.

In 2019, Kate was the face of the Messika Lucky Move collection, but she herself didn’t aim at jewelers. So this year she already presents jewelry of its own design. In their collection with Valerie, there are as many as seven sets: Diamond Crush, Diamond Curve, IconiK, K-Lace, K-rismatique and SophistiKate. Total of more than a hundred unique pieces.

Some jewelers inspired by the East – rings, cuffs and necklaces with tassels of gold and diamonds, teak head jewelry and bracelets for legs. So catchy items with malachite, giant baroque earrings and very neat jewelry in the spirit of gold century of Hollywood.

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