Anıssa Kermıche – ıs not only decoratıve ıtems

The designer transfers the signature sensual silhouettes of women’s hips and breasts to jewelry, from which she began her journey at the London School of Central Saint Martins. Anissa’s latest, most challenging and striking novelty is the Bra Earring in the shape of a gold bra

Constantly searching for unique touchpoints for her imagination, Anissa turns shapes from daily life into what she defines as wearable art —lamps become earrings, paintings translate into textures and sculpture informs the lines of neckpieces. All proceeds from the sale of the jewelry go to the Solace Women’s Aid Foundation, which helps women victims of gender-based violence.

Most recently Anissa has branched out and turned her hand to objects. She designed “Love Handles” after not finding anything similar in the interiors market. This led to friends, and buyers making personal orders.  Following the success of ‘love handles’ Anissa went on to design ‘Jug Jugs’, a humorous playful representation of the female bust. In March 2019 Anissa collaborated with charity Breast Cancer Now and did an exclusive colour with Matches Fashion with 30% of the proceedings raising awareness for breast cancer. Her objects are now stocked in predominant stockists such as Liberty’s and The Conran Shop. Enthused by the positive reactions so far, Anissa has chosen to expand further into the interior sphere. This will begin with “My New Breast Friend” and “Popotin”.

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