Three jewellery brands for ocean lovers

Three jewellery brands for ocean lovers

Pollution of the oceans is a big problem that requires the assistance of each and every one. The creators of these jewelry brands decided to inspire others to take care of nature by their own example. Some create jewelry from seashells found on the shore, others donate part of their profits to specialized institutes and foundations. Meet these 3 brands and join the army of environmentalists.


Sara Beltran has two passions – jewelry and the ocean. In 2006, she decided to combine it all – this is how the Dezso brand was born. When creating jewelry, Sarah takes natural forms as a basis – the pendants in the form of shells, shark teeth and corals. The designer works with gold, silver and precious stones, and in each product he tries to reflect the beauty of the marine flora and fauna.

Peet Dullaert

The designer of the eponymous brand creates impressive jewelry from baroque pearls and the remains of shells found on the coast. Part of the proceeds from the sale of all this beauty goes straight to the Care for Earth and Trees for the Future funds.

Gas Bijoux

The creators of Meghan Markle’s favorite jewelry brand – the Gus family – also urge everyone to be more careful with the ocean. The brand’s creative director and founder’s daughter Marie Gus, has created gold-plated marine figurine charm bracelets that will be donated to the Paul Ricard Oceanographic Institute. The main goal is to support the Institute’s projects aimed at finding solutions to protect the ocean and its inhabitants.

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