exceptıonal modern jewels by Laura Estrada

exceptıonal modern jewels by Laura Estrada

The classical methods that we know recently in the jewelery world change their way towards a more modern style. Designers who have different ideas and views all over the world are on the agenda with their work on social media. Now we introduce one of them.

Los Angeles-based designer Laura Estrada handcrafts sustainable jewelry pieces that are conceptually driven, sculptural adornments for the body and face. She uses ancient metalsmithing techniques to create timeless, wearable heirlooms that merge fashion with art.

The designer finds her inspiration from diverse influences—whether observing nature while out on a hike or the images she comes across in art history books.

Estrada’s jewelry evokes a sense of resilience, empowerment, and confidence. The physical and conceptual construction of her pieces merges the innovation and integrity of ancient design practices with future technologies, and she finds unique methods to harmonize the two.

The designer is famous for the earrings, necklaces, rings, bracelets and other jewelry sets we know as well as different facial accessories. So you have the opportunity to find products of every style you want in Laura’s workshop.