Harvest lıfe of Bee Goddess

Harvest lıfe of Bee Goddess

Bee Goddess presents the Demeter Collection, which symbolizes the eternal youth glow of the soul and endless wealth.

The symbol of Demeter and Cybele in spike mythology, which is longed for with creativity and endless abundance energy. Demeter, goddess of abundance, heralds the days when we will harvest the seeds sow. The symbol of life cycles, Virgo is the glow of different riches of a woman’s youth, motherhood and wisdom periods. The designs inspired by wheat ears symbolizing the eternal richness of a single seed planted in the lap of mother earth, herald the time to accept different periods in our lives and to adapt to the magnificent fertility of nature. With this collection, Ece Shirin reveals the secrets of how we can enrich lives by constantly renewed with the rebirth that comes after each different period.

Energies: Infinite prosperity, fertility, renewal, gratitude, beauty, power, eternity, peace and integrity.

In the Demeter Collection, it appeals today’s modern and young women with necklaces, ear cuffs, and bracelets as well as accessories.