Back to the offıce: what jewelry suıts to busıness style?

Back to the offıce: what jewelry suıts to busıness style?

We are supporters of a new trend in fashion that you can combine everything. So we consider any restrictions through the prism of skeptical disapproval. The business dress code partly shapes the image of the company, but space for creativity is also necessary. Ornaments just become them. Which ones will revive the official style.

Signet rings

Today, these rings are the favorite jewelry of fashion bloggers and even some movie characters. Jewelry isn’tt too flashy, so the dress code is not formally violated.

Large earrings

Flat rectangular and square earrings made of multi-colored minerals are becoming a new trend among jewelry lovers. We support this trend, but advise you to know when stop in brightness of color and size of jewelry.


It is difficult to think of something more classic than pearl jewelry. This can appear on bracelets, necklaces, and earrings.


Particularly brave and creative ones will certainly not rush to put away summer jewelry with beads on the mezzanine. That’s right, the black and white look is clearly lacking in bright accents.