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How do you evaluate this Covid-19 period that we are passing through?

This period during which we live with Covid-19 shows us how vulnerable the jewelry industry is. We have seen that jewelry which is one of the last needs of the people is one of the most sensitive industries. We hope that we encounter this situation with the least damage as a country.

As Covid-19 spreads all around the world, production and international logistics stopped. How do you spend your time under these conditions?

As the production and logistics stopped, we have been lead to work for new models and designs. Even though it is still possible to ship products to some areas through cargo, the decreased amount in the orders worries the wholesalers and retailers. By discussing especially with foreign customers, we evaluated the state of affairs of the industry and exchanged opinions on how the trade will flow, which we expect to start in the future.

Have you made any attempt to reduce the impact of this situation caused by COVID-19?

Especially production and export companies work by taking orders. During this period, we tried to reach our customers through the web-site, mail, and social media and to take orders and introduce our new products via e-catalog. We have got positive feedback for this method and our expectation has increased for the period after Ramadan.

What is your concern about the jewellery sector after CV-19?

Many international fairs that we expected to be held this year have been postponed to 2021. This situation has negatively affected the industry. Due to the constant increase in gold prices and exchange rates, I expect that 2020 will be quiet. Even though there might be some mobilization in some areas I do not expect high demand.

How can this challenge to be transformed into an opportunity?

It is essential to take advantage of this situation. I think that companies using the digital world in the best way and using social media effectively will become prominent and take orders by reaching the customers in this period during which there will not be any face-to-face relation. In addition, I think that it will be an essential marketing strategy to visit our foreign customers in various areas when it is possible to travel with flight in the future.

Country: Turkey
Employee Number: 75
Middle East 60%
Europe 20%
North America 20%
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